A Residential Consumer Unit Upgrade

A Consumer Unit upgrade within a residential home based around the West Midlands area.

The old Consumer Unit’s RCD was no longer in working condition – leaving the rest of the fuseboard in an unsafe state. Paddock Electrical Services communicated with the homeowner – putting in place a clear plan which both Engineer & Homeowner agreed upon. In less than a day, the new Consumer Unit was up and running without issues, with the latest technology that applied to current regulations. The Consumer Unit was accurately labeled for the Home Owner to be able to understand without stress.

Commercial Healthcare Consumer Unit Upgrade

A Consumer Unit replacement from an old Plastic Unit that had no RCD protection within a Care Home in the West Midlands area.

Engineers upgraded the old Plastic Consumer Unit with a fresh metal board, equipped with RCBO’s on each circuit to ensure nuisance tripping was out of the picture, aswell as AFDD RCBO’s on both socket circuits to comply with the latest regulations.

The Consumer Unit was freshly labeled to ensure absolute accuracy with each circuit, tested to ensure maximum safety for the property and its occupants, working with the managers of the care home to ensure that this process was completed smoothly & without stress.